Dr. LATHIKA P KMDHA, PGCR, M.D [ Ayurveda ]

Sarathy Ayurveda Hospital

Aluva Palace Road

Area of Interest

Panchakarma  Therapy    Spinal  Disorders  &  Ayurvedic Management    Musculoskeletal   Problems
Post-natal and pre-natal care       Balachikitsa      Skin Care     Yoga Therapy 

Present [consulting / status]

Sarathy  Ayurveda  Hospital     Elookkara     8.30  am To  10.30 am   and   7.30 pm  To  8.30 pm
Sarathy   Ayurveda   Hospital     Aluva     10.30  am  To  1 pm   and  3.30 pm  To   7.30 pm
A.M.O  For  ISRO 

Contact Details

Email : [email protected]
Website : www.sarathyayurveda.com

Former Status

C.M.O  Of  Kapl    Aluva
Cochin   Spine   Hospital 

Additional Status


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